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Indoor Athena Ghost LED Display at Sun Hung Kai Shanghai International Trade APM Plaza

Athena Ghost LED Dis
  • Location:  
  • Shanghai, China
  • Application:  
  • Creative
  • Pitch:  
  • 31.25mm
  • Tags:  
  • Ghost Mirror|Creative|Shopping mall|entertainment

Indoor Athena Ghost LED Display at Sun Hung Kai Shanghai International trade APM Plaza was made by QSTECH by using the new classic LED Display product ‘Athena Ghost’ mirror panel of P31.25. The total panel covers an area of 283 square meters on the whole plaza inside wall. When the display is off, you will see a mirror-like surface; after it’s on, the wall will show colorful video images. It looks very fantastic and brings a new break for the interior decoration. The new Full color LED Display can meet all the requirements for anywhere; it’s a typical project of Ghost mirror panel Full Color LED Display application.


Athena Ghost mirror panel doesn’t have very high resolution as other products, however the design highlight is it combines the mirror-like decoration on wall or cylindrical surface and LED display effect very ingeniously. When the display is on, due to the low light transmission, it shows a pretty dreamy image; while after it’s off, the ghost display just looks like a normal mirror and audiences cannot see anything thru the mirror, that doesn’t affect any interior decoration.

Products involved
Application:  Creative
Enviroment:  Outdoor
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Creative Display Solution
Application:  Creative
QS-TECH can offer Creative display solutions of any complexity level based upon Athena tiles.Details>>
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