Independent QA department managed by privileged staff authorized directly by CEO;

QS-Tech is running under ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14000 environmental management system and 6S management system;

Quality control process

Raw material quality control

Process quality control

Semi-product and finished product quality identification

Process tracking system and feedback system

Daily quality process control

Weekly quality control report

  Monthly quality meeting

Continuous improvement

  Accurate testing and examination

Spectrum testing

LED brightness distribution testing

LED electrical performance testing

First article inspection (FAI)

Electrical tests (1。 after welding; 2。 semi-product, tile and panel level。 3。 finished product)

Hi-temperature testing, Hi-low-temperature impact

Humidity testing, Water-proof testing

Full factory tests (Visual test, specifications, functions, safety and etc.)


   Surface Mounting Machine                                 Plug-in Machine       

        Wave Solder                                          Reflow Soldering Machine 
Tampo-Print Machine                                       Taping Machine
               Hi-Low-Temperature Impact Machine          LED Luminous Intensity Distribution Tester

                           Digital Electric Bridge                    Plus UV-VIS-near IR Spectorphoto Color Imeter

Tracer Characteristics of the Semiconductor Tube             TDS-220   Oscilloscope         

Grounding Resistance Tester                       Pressure Resistance Tester

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