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  • How to make the LED display more energy saving?
  • 30-09-2017

What an enterprise seeks is nothing but long-term maximum interests. However, the fierce competition in the industry and prices, resulting in the low LED industry profits, including the LED display.


LED itself is a type of energy-saving materials, but considering the application of larger display area, long running, coupled with high brightness, the consumption of electricity cannot be underestimated. In addition to the costs associated with the LED display itself, cost of electricity that the owners pay will show geometric growth with the use of equipment.


Normally for a power-saving LED display, it may adopt IC design with high efficiency and low power consumption, a half bridge or full bridge high efficiency switching power supply, to drive the IC constant current state as much as possible to reduce the supply voltage, the energy saving effect by separate power support to red, green and blue LED to achieve better power consumption。


In addition to the above methods, it also can use backlight design, through the automatic adjustment of the brightness of the LED display to save energy. Of course, complementary scenery, LED display, solar screen, etc., are good choices.


One of the LED manufacturers in the fierce competition to continue to become bigger and stronger, simply rely on price war to suppress peers is undoubtedly harm than good, only starting from the technical improvement and innovation, in order to go farther than other enterprises.

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