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  • Segment market of indoor LED display (1)
  • 30-09-2017

Retail market

Retail markets are mainly made up of retail stores (coffee shops, restaurants, clothing stores, craft stores, etc.), retailers choose their own LED display according to the size of their store. This market require small panel size, which can be spliced into half square meters and 1/4 square meters, such as 1.25×2。25m, 2。5×3.5m, ×2m and other flexible optional size. These LED displays are usually wall hung inside the store, installed in the window and other locations to show advertise. In this scenario, the screen's viewing distance is near, so P2.5 to P3.9 spacing is suitable. In addition, this scene requires a clear picture quality, exquisite product appearance to attract customers.

Commercial market

Commercial display market including large buildings, shopping centers and other places, it is a traditional applications of indoor LED display. LED display is generally installed at a high position for advertising release. In this application scene, people usually watch the screen above 10m, so P3 to P7 spacing is more suitable. The screen size is wider than 2m, and demand high-definition picture quality and creative stitching. The commercial display market is one of the main application markets for indoor LED display.

Financial market

Financial markets including banks, securities centers and other places, LED displays are mainly used for issuing exchange rate information, interest rate information, fund information, financial advertising and other information. A financial site usually install multiple screens, these LED displays play information in synchronous or asynchronous mode, and require cluster network control management.

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