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  • SE Look Back | QSTECH X WALL Family Gathering, Visual Effect + Experience Open Display New Era
  • 14-02-2019

On February 5, 2019, celebrated along with the Chinese New Year, the long-awaited European Professional Audiovisual Integrated Equipment Exhibition (ISE 2019) was grandly opened at the RAI Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands. ISE represents the highest authority in the commercial field of audiovisual technology and is known as the most influential industry organization in the industry.


As the first exhibition of each year, ISE always weighs a lot for QSTECH. The overseas sales elites of QSTECH embarked on a journey to the Netherlands before the Spring Festival holiday to prepare for this wonderful visual effect show. On the first day of ISE 2019, the QSTECH booth had attracted many industry customers to visit and experience its well-prepared exhibits.


Now, let’s revisit all those shining stars on ISE 2019!


X WALL Integrated LED Display Terminal


X WALL integrated LED display terminal 110", 138", 220" collectively unveiled at ISE, showing customers two installation modes including mobile foot-mounting and wall-embedded mounting。 By creating the authentic application scene of conference room, customers can experience many easy-to-operate functions, such as one-button boot, remote control operation, front maintenance, welcome interface writing, wireless screen sharing, and multi-device screen sharing, etc。


Mini 110” All-in-one LED Display


Mini 110" all-in-one LED display has made its first overseas debut on the show. The Mini product adopts four-in-one LED packaging technology, which has stronger protection performance, overcoming defects of traditional fine pixel pitch products, and combining the advantages of surface mount and emerging COB technology. QSTECH applied Mini technology to X WALL products, and thus a powerful display terminal was born at the right moment.


HER PRO 0。9mm


HERA PRO 0.9mm ultra-HD fine pixel pitch product leads customers to start a zero-distance experience with LED display. Nearly seamless splicing enables smooth picture, delicate details, and clear chart data display.



The CRIUS II opens a new era of "seamless splicing" for LED posters。 QSTECH CRIUS intelligent LED poster has known as a popular product for small and micro commercial displays, while CRIUS II now applies more advanced technology, which is competent for free-of-installation operation, seamless splicing for multi units and flexible applications in different occasions。

ARES LT Perimeter


The AERS LT perimeter has marked its name on the performance list of QSTECH in 2018. At ISE, this stadium perimeter expert also brought new technology high lights to wow audience at site. 

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