Message Board Solution


QS-TECH message boards were actively used by major companies, banks stock exchange and business centers in the past 20 years。Numbers of QS displays has been installed on the front or on the roof of a building successfully perform three functions at one time。 First, they serve as a corporate TV channel, second, as an original hi-tech branding medium, and third, as a surface for dynamic, bright and colorful advertisements of a company’s products。 Business centers tenants can make use of LED screens as a shared instrument for these functions as well。 In this case everybody has much to gain from it。 Leaseholders get a striking opportunity to make them known, and the owners of the business center earn additional revenues on advertising。 Inside business centers LED screens with high resolution are winning more and more popularity as video displays for presentations and conferences。 Using LED display is a new trend for advertisement, stadium, outdoor show and etc. LED display could greatly increase your customers' sales according to authoritative research. LED display as the most effective, yet least expensive form of advertising .LED display can quickly” brand" your business site in the local community. Business with LED display message centers often sees an increase in sales of 20% to 80%.

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